Eleanor Morison

Elle began working with horses as a youth on her grandfather's cattle farm in Suffolk, VA and has remained involved in equine activities ever since.  She went on to train under Peg Seals of Carrollton, VA and later joined the Keswick Hunt and University of Virginia Polo Team.  Today she is a member of the Piedmont Fox Hounds and the Orange County Hunt, and manages all horse operations at Stoke Farm


Dulany Morison

Dulany grew up on the farm and spent summers working with horses in his family barns and maintaining the estate's grounds.  He went on to take a degree from the University of Virginia, where he met his future wife, Elle, and in 2011 they returned to the farm to begin an extensive renovation.  Although his primary business today is in finance, he still enjoys assisting with the horses and working on the farm almost every day.  Dulany also subscribes with the Orange County Hunt and the Piedmont Fox Hounds.

Photo by Middleburg Photo

Photo by Middleburg Photo

Bonnie Payson

Bonnie grew up in Michigan showing hunters and jumpers. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors in Arts degree from Lake Erie College, double majoring in equestrian teacher/trainer and accounting. Her adventurous spirit and diverse talent led her to spend three seasons training horses for a jousting troupe that competed in renaissance fairs across the country. She then spent a season foxhunting in New Zealand where she earned her colors with the Rotorua & Bay of Plenty Hunt and developed a keen interest in the sport. Since returning to the States, she has been training and rehabilitating horses by using dressage and gymnastics for balance and athleticism. In 2018 she joined the Stoke Farm team to manage the barns and assist with training foxhunters. Her incredible devotion to horse care, intuitive horsemanship, and talent in the saddle have made her a wonderful addition to the farm



Our beloved resident Border Collie that takes an interest in every task and can make a game out of anything!  If you should see her roaming without supervision, please alert one of us.



Our friendly barn cat with an insatiable appetite for small game.  Please be mindful of him as you work with your horse.